Gambling Hall

Gambling Hall 1.0

An interactive game to have gambling experience on PC

Gambling Hall is a PC gaming package that includes multiple interactive games. This software package consists of many interesting games including Video Poker.

There are games such as Video Blackjack, which is a regular blackjack game, also known as 21, where you play against the dealer. Another game called Slot, is a regular slot machine game where users getting three similar symbols can win a big payoff.

Gambling Hall also has a game named Roll the Bones, which is an easy dice game streamlined for a single player on a PC. Another game in the package is Hi-Lo, which is a card game where you need to guess the rank of every next card.

Gambling Hall has another game called Chuck A Luck where you gamble on how three dice will fall. In short, this is a gaming package with gambling games that can be played by any level of PC user.